Flowmap Generator Unity Plugin Update

Flowmap Generator has been updated to include bug fixes and features introduced in the stand alone application. I’ve updated the documentation and added a few more tutorials. These include a tutorial for making a river and a walkthrough of the sand dunes example scene. I’ve also added a number of shaders including a water shader with opaque, edge fade, and depth fog versions. These shaders are untested for mobile and probably only work for desktop builds. For the next release I’m going to try adding mobile versions of these shader, but some features may be too expensive.

All of the new documenation is included in the package on the asset store as well as here: Flowmap Generator Documentation

Here’s a couple of the new shaders. On the left is an opaque shader there the normal map tiles with the diffuse. This can be used for solid flowing fluids like slime. The shader in the middle is an opaque water shader and on the right is a depth fogged water shader with foam. These shaders are explained more in the shader reference.

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