Flowmap Generator

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Flowmap Generator is a tool for creating flowmaps for use in shaders using a fluid simulation. A flowmap is a texture that contains velocity vectors that can be used to create the illusion of flowing water, blowing sand, etc. Flowmaps can be difficult to create, especially on a large scale. Several tools exist for hand painting the velocity vectors, but this can be time consuming and if the geometry changes it is necessary to repaint the flowmap. Flowmap Generator lets you set up a simulation that can be easily edited and resimulated when needed.

Flowmap Generator comes in two forms, as a Unity plugin and a stand alone program. The Unity plugin allows for tight integration with Unity with features like dynamically updating flowmaps, automatically assigning flowmap textures and UVs to materials and more. The stand alone program allows for baking flowmap textures to be used in any game engine.


Simulation Fields

Simulation Fields The simulation is controlled by placing fields which interact with the fluid simulation. Several different fields are available including vortexes, directional forces and calming fields. Placing fields within prefabs is supported and allows quick and easy scene creation.

Foam Calculation

Foam Calculation Calculate foam accumulation based on the fluid’s velocity.

Render Heightmaps

Heightmap From Scene Render heightmaps from scene geometry.

Surface Flow

Surface Flow Supports surface flow simulations for fluid flowing on a surface (rivers, lava, blowing sand, etc.)


Flowmap Generator supports GPU acceleration which allows realtime simulation of large flowmaps. For the free version of Unity multithreading is supported.

Unity Integration

With the Unity plugin, the flowmap that is currently being simulated can be assigned to a material to allow for a realtime preview of the flowmap. With Unity Pro it is possible for Flowmap Generator to render out a heightmap of the scene to let the flowmap simulation be affected by objects in the scene.
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