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Unity Plugin

The Unity plugin allows for tight integration into your game. You can bake flowmaps that react to your existing scene geometry and even have flowmaps that continuously update, reacting to changes in geometry and fluid modifier settings. Some features require Unity Pro to function. These include GPU acceleration and baking heightmaps from scene geometry. If you require those features, but are not planning on buying Unity Pro, you can purchase the standalone version instead and import those textures into Unity.

Purchase Flowmap Generator on Unity’s Asset Store (Single seat license $40 USD, excluding VAT)


The standalone version of Flowmap Generator contains all the baking features included in the Unity plugin version such as GPU acceleration and baking heightmaps from imported geometry. Flowmaps, foam maps, and more can be generated and exported to .tga or .png textures, which can be used in any game engine. The program includes a 3D scene editor which allows you to import .obj meshes, place fluid modifiers, and allows you to save scenes.
Purchasing a license for the standalone version gives you access to both Windows and OSX builds.

Purchase using paypal (Single seat license $25 USD, excluding VAT)
Download Now (Includes 30 day trial)