Surface Flow Features

I’ve been working on some new features, focusing on fluids flowing on surfaces. Two of the features are residual fluid, which causes the fluid to be attracted to where there’s been fluid previously and support for outputting a mask that records the normalized time a pixel first receives fluid. This can be used to animate the fluid’s opacity.

Here’s a short video showing these features in action:

The output that I use for the blood splatter looks like this:
Surface flow features

All the animation is done in the shader. The flowing effect was created by adding a directional force field that covered the entire simulation area. The fluid was pushed in that direction, simulating gravity.

Tiling across the simulation bounds is now supported. This can be used to create a generic tiling raindrop mask for example.

Another upcoming feature will be presets, so you can save and share settings easily. I’ve also started work on improving the stand alone application, adding support for editing multiple objects at once using the inspector.

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Flowmap Generator Unity Plugin Update

Flowmap Generator has been updated to include bug fixes and features introduced in the stand alone application. I’ve updated the documentation and added a few more tutorials. These include a tutorial for making a river and a walkthrough of the sand dunes example scene. I’ve also added a number of shaders including a water shader with opaque, edge fade, and depth fog versions. These shaders are untested for mobile and probably only work for desktop builds. For the next release I’m going to try adding mobile versions of these shader, but some features may be too expensive.

All of the new documenation is included in the package on the asset store as well as here: Flowmap Generator Documentation

Here’s a couple of the new shaders. On the left is an opaque shader there the normal map tiles with the diffuse. This can be used for solid flowing fluids like slime. The shader in the middle is an opaque water shader and on the right is a depth fogged water shader with foam. These shaders are explained more in the shader reference.

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Flowmap Generator Standalone Released

The first version of the stand alone version of Flowmap Generator has been released. You can now create flowmaps for any game engine and use features that the Unity plugin version requires Unity Pro for, such as GPU acceleration and interacting with scene geometry. You can download the program and start using the 30 day trial right now. The output is limited to 256x256px, but all other features are enabled. Purchasing a license removes that limitation and gives you access to all future updates.


Standalone Surface Flow

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Flowmap Generator standalone application progress

I’ve been working on a stand alone version of Flowmap Generator for people who don’t use Unity. Most of the work has been making a scene editor to handle all the stuff that I relied on the Unity editor to handle, like moving objects, undoing, importing meshes, etc. All the features that normally require Unity Pro such as GPU acceleration and rendering heightmaps from the scene will work in this version. There are a few small fixes and then a UI pass that’s left to do. Since I’m using Unity to build the stand alone application I’ve got builds working for Windows, OSX, and even a webplayer version (which might be useful for a demo). A Linux build might come later if I get around to installing that for testing.

Flowmap Generator Standalone

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Flowmap Generator Released

Flowmap Generator has now been released on Unity’s Asset store.

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Superposition Games Launched

Superposition Games is a newly started game/software company run by Simon Barsky, welcome to our website. The first product from Superposition Games, Flowmap Generator, is nearing completion and will soon be available.

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